Sponsors & Patrons – Provision Supplied by God

We feel that our Sponsors & Patrons have been inspired to give –
An urging by the Holy Spirit to
take the time to write a check and mail it
or go to the website and click the donate button.
It always feels like a Gift from Heaven.

There are many ways and levels to give.
Whether it is $20 or $20,000.00
Each donor receives our thanks and recognition in a special way!

Patron Donor

Sponsor Donor

You all have been a blessing to this ministry.

Tomlyn Avera
Angela Barefield
Ed Betross
Joann Brassell
Paul Brown
The Beauford Family
Daniel Blosser
Mr. & Mrs. Wm Bemis-Breznen
Rose Cales
Amy Cameron
Claudia Carney
Katherine E. Chalker
Jennifer & Corry Craine
The Crosby Family
Katherine Darr
Heather Dicicco
Dave Dillard
Laura Doss
Fay Edwards
Bill Fitzgerald
The Ford Family

Eileen Gabriel
Mamie Gilliard
Pax & Peggy Gillingham
Tim & Sheree Gruwell
Ona Sheree Gruwell
Greg Hatfield
Karen Hofman
Lori Hoover
Christina Houchens
Christine Johnson
Kristy Johnson
Joan Kent
Dave & Lou Killough
Kenneth & Daryl Lack
Larry and Rosemary Lynn
Philip Marsingill
Stephanie Matthews
Bob & Flora Matthews
Elizabeth McLendon
The Mongillo Family
Susan Meloan
Celeste Mock
Kristina Mongillo
Sandy Mullikin
Dennis Norviel

Ed Oetjen
Randy Oetjen
Virginia Oetjen
Sandra Oglesby
James Perkins
Jan Perry
Emily & Osmani Pinto
Louise Raybon
Caroline Reddick
The Reid Family
Camilla Reid
The Reynolds Family
Carol & Rick Rezzelle
Mary Rhoden
Kelley Robinson
Rich Rogers
Roger Rollins
Bobby & Debra Ross

Starr Scott
Timothy W. Shepard
Dallas Smith IV
Bruce Stancil
Chuck Smith
Sherry Thom
Donna Marie Vallois
Pat Vanderhoof
Donna West
Andrew Williams
Brenda Williamson