Foundation Investor – Helping where you can

Our Foundation Investors are just that… those who have invested in the Building of Flowing Wells Theatre.
They have offered advice, their time, their services and their money
to begin this Building Project and spur it on to completion.

At ENOPION, we don’t expect a hand-out, we just want people to feel CALLED by God to lend a helping hand.
We thank each and everyone, who BELIEVES that
It is important to spread the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission in this way.

Invest Now

We have a new way to give… TEXT-TO-GIVE !
All you have to do is text ENOPION to 44321
You will receive a secure link to the page
and can choose one of the preset amounts
or fill in any amount you feel led to give.

Your donation will go directly to
Flowing Wells Theatre Building Project.

Thank you for Believing in us.

Big Dog
Bo Slaughter – James G.
Swift Associates
Good Samaritan Services
Greg Hatfield

The Gruwell Family
Jerry Marks – Marks
Lil Mamas Buildings
Ed Oetjen

McDonald Law Architect
Price Stewell with NP
RA Rezzelle INC.

The Stump Guy
Thompson Wrecking