Into the Woods… Onto the Path
& the new Outdoor performance of THE SEED
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A Fundraising EVENT to Remember
“Into the Woods & Onto the Path”

Flowing Wells Theatre will host this Fundraising Event to raise Funds and Awareness for the Construction of the theatre building for Flowing Wells Theatre.

During this Event you will:

– Enter Into the Woods.
– Your guide will meet you and walk with you
to the ENOPION tent
– Inside the tent, opportunities abound to join
in the exciting plans for building this one-of-
a-kind venue.
– Your guide will then walk you ONTO THE
PATH, to five vignette stages, to experience
our 45 minute live-musical performance of

– At conclusion you will walk to the Noah Tree
Tent to enjoy a dessert from a

vendor and once again see just how
you can be a part of this ministry.

We don’t want you to think of this as “just a show”.
We hope that you will come, catch the vision, and join us in building this $2,000,000 facility…
“Where hearts are lifted up by stories that proclaim that Jesus is Lord.”

Please ask the Lord what gifts you can bring
to provide the necessary funds to complete the building of Flowing Wells Theatre.

Rehearsals have begun… Take a peek