Coming April & May

There are still so many people who have never heard of ENOPION Theatre Company and we want to change that!

Come to Flowing Wells Theatre for an Informational.



Georgia’s only Bible theatre company, ENOPION brings the gospel message to life on stage and fulfill the great commission – one play at a time

The stage is a great catalyst for spreading the gospel message, making each actor an ambassador for Christ.



The Greek origin of the word ENOPION means “within sight of, close enough to see.”

It clearly defines the actions of this theatre company and its creative work — taking the stories of the Bible to perform them on stage using the latest technology with original scripts, for all to truly “see” the truth of God’s love for us.

We are a non-profit theatre community that:

Creates and perform musicals, plays, and dinner theatres based on the Bible. With every performance Jesus Christ is professed as Savior which fulfills our purpose and mission.

Is a place for actors who profess Christ, call themselves Christian, and believe that it is important to tell others about Christ.

Serves audience members who desire to maintain Biblical principles that honor God in what they choose for entertainment for themselves and their family.






Georgia’s Only Bible Theatre Company – We Are Now In Our 23rd Season!

Enopion began in 1999 as a small traveling theatre company made up of four creative Christians.

Since that time, Enopion has created and produced more than a dozen original plays, musicals and dinner theatre productions. Georgia’s only bible theatre company!